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NUHRA's Slack Channel

    February 8, 2021

    NUHRA’s Slack Channel

    • Do you ever have a question that you want to ask your HR peers?
    • Do you miss meeting in person so you can chat with someone who knows what you are going through?
    • Do you miss being a fly on the wall listening to the above two conversations so you can know what you don’t know?

    For these reasons and more, NUHRA has created a Slack channel!

    Slack stands for Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge.

    It is a place similar to a large chat room where can all get together and pose questions or offer each other virtual support.

    Within the NUHRA channel, you’ll find a channel for general, networking, and random.

    Within these three channels, users can feel safe asking questions, offering advice, and otherwise connecting within our chapter. We miss being able to have conversations with each of you, both personal and professional, and hope that this can be a way to help.

    • Slack is a great replacement for email.
    • Email often gets full or overlooked.
    • People change jobs and lose their information and contacts.
    • Slack is free and can be downloaded onto your computer desktop or phone, so it goes with you – even if you move, change jobs, or just can’t keep track of email.

    Get started:

    1. Download Slack today and get started:
    2. Ask a member of the board for an invitation to join our members-only channel.